Secure integration and interoperability

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Secure integration and interoperability

When an integration with business partners is done right, it should not only be 100% seamless for users. It should also be secure and easy to maintain.

Although the introduction of web services was supposed to make interoperability simple, reality has proven that a secure B2B web service integration requires many skills in certificates, networking, various standards/protocols etc. Looking back at the past 25 B2B integrations we have done, we have not had two that where identical due to the requirements on the service provider or service consumer side.

  • Some services encrypt on the transport layer, some encrypt on the message layer and some does not encrypt at all.
  • Some require messages to be signed others do not.
  • Some use a single certificate, some are multi-tenant and require certificates to dynamically be selected depending on sender/receiver and some does not use certificates at all.
  • Some use open standards such as SAML 2.0 or WS-Federation, some use industry specific standards and – off course – some service providers roll their own “standard”.
  • and the list goes on…

We can help you do a one-off integration or you can use our Secure B2B Web Service Gateway (on-premise or hosted in the cloud) gives you a single and simple approach of connecting to anything. The gateway deals with the complexity of getting the technologies right and provides simple and cost effective management of certificates etc.

Call us for an open discussion about the integration issues your organization are facing and for a professional advice on possible solutions.